Force Elementary

Home of the Roadrunners


Force Elementary is a culturally diverse school where parents as well as students of all ethnicities are welcome. The staff is extremely dedicated and passionate about teaching to the whole child.

Our school culture ensures that parents as well as the school community is involved in the learning process of each student:

By having a variety of cultural backgrounds, each member of our staff brings something unique to the school culture. Meet our team below:

Name Title Department Email
Acosta, Teresa ELA-S Paraprofessional
Archuleta, Mary ELA-S Paraprofessional
Arteaga, Chris Music - Stage
Avila, Noemy Facility Manager
Billman, Kayla Physical Education - Room 113
Burke, Valerie Principal
Cazares, Ana Health Aide
Cervantes, Davene Special Education - Room 218A ,
Codova-Jojola, Cheryl Literacy Intervention - Room 201
Croan, Stephanie ELA-E 4th Grade - Room 211 ,
Day, Eden Literacy Intervention - Room 202
Eurich, Alexandra ELA-S 5th Grade - Room 209 ,
Fuentes, Rodrigo ELA-S Paraprofessional
Grenoble, Jeanne ELA-E Paraprofessional
Hauser, Kelsey ELA-E Paraprofessional
Hawkins, Alysa ELA-E 1st and 2nd Grade Split , ,
Hernandez, Yolanda ELA-S Kindergarten - Room 124 ,
Hernandez, Chrystal ELA-S Literacy Intervention- Room 201 ,
Horonzy, Juanita Office Support Staff
Jaime, Sandra ELA-S 2nd Grade - Room 110 ,
Kaspari, Michele Office Support Staff
Kennedy, Rebecca ELA-E 4th Grade - Room 215 ,
Lara, Lorenza Vice Principal
Leach, Mel Dean of Students
Lisman, Amanda Speech - Room 120
Magana, Daisy ELA-S Paraprofessional
Magorian, Colleen ELA-E Kindergarten - Room 117 ,
Marcotte, Danielle ELA-E head Start - Room 119 ,
Medina, Verona ELA-S 3rd Grade Teacher ,
Moore, Suzie Gifted and Talented - Room 213
Newell, Amanda Special Education – Room 120 ,
Nguyen, Thanh Computer Tech Para - Room 210
Perez Soto, Fernando Headstart Liaison - Room 104
Quinonez, Tiffany Nurse
Ramos-Avila, Emilio Social Worker
Ready, Dana Psychologist
Real, Connie ELA-E Paraprofessional
Rios, Rosa ELA-S 1st Grade Teacher - Room 106 ,
Rolph, Heather ELA-E 3rd Grade - Room 206 ,
Romoleroux, Piedad ELA-S Head Start - Room 118 ,
Schmidt, Mark ELA-E 5th Grade - Room 214 ,
Smart, Wyatt 3rd-5th Grade Affective Needs - Room 212 ,
Stephenson, Bridget ELA-E 2nd-grade-Room 111 , ,
Tsikekwa, Gail ELA-E Paraprofessional
Varney, Morgan ELA-E Kindergarten - Room 123 ,
Weiss, Bridgett Math Intervention - Room 213
Wendelin, Monica ELA S/E - ECE - Room 121 , monica_wendelin
White, Juanita ELA-E Paraprofessional
Withrow, Kira ELA-S 4th Grade Teacher-Room 217 ,
Ziegler, Mary Math Intervention - Room 213