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Piedad Romoleroux
Head Start - Room 118





My full name is Piedad Romoleroux "Miss Romo", I am original from Cali, Colombia. I study Elementary Education in my home country where I thought for 10 years in a private school. I've been working at Force elementary school for the last 10 years,where I started as a teacher assistant for the first few years, until I was able to get my teaching license and became a pre-kindergarten teacher.

I consider my self a person with strong family values and integrity, with an interest in helping the community and providing my students with a wonderful learning experience.

Mi nombre completo es Piedad Romoleroux (Miss Romo) naci en Cali, Colombia, estudie
Licenciatura en Educacion Primaria en mi pais de origen, fui maestra por 10 anos en un colegio
Privado, luego pase a trabajar con DPS, llevo 10 anos vinculada con Force School, inicialmente como asistente y al completar mi Endorsement en Pre-Escolar inicie como maestra titular de grado Pre-Escolar (ECE Salon 118.)

Me considero una persona con valores familiares, con interes en ayudar a la comunidad y especialmente dar una maravillosa experiencia a mis estudiantes.