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Mission and Vision

Mission: Force is a safe, trusting, culturally sensitive community where you, the students, parents, and staff take ownership and accept responsibility for the students’ learning and behavior through valuable, active, inquiry-based activities.

Vision: The Force community ensures the education of the whole child, allowing them to compete as 21st century learners.

Why Force

Force Elementary is a culturally diverse school where parents as well as students of all ethnicities are welcome.
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We are preparing children to be pioneers of the future, equipping them with 21st Century Skills that aid them to succeed in life.
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Beacons Centers are school-based community centers serving children, youth and adults.
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Force Elementary offers Preschool (ECE) English and Spanish, Full Day Kindergarten, P.E., Art, Band, Computer Technology, Vocal Music, Boys and Girls Club, Chess Club, Girls on the Run, Math Club, Shakespeare Club, and Tutoring.
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